Monday, July 1, 2013

Who needs a gun in a grocery store? This mother did.

In a previous blog I covered a topic in which a handful of anti self-defense Facebook users posted comments akin to "Who needs a gun in a grocery store?"

37 year old Sammie Wallace
Enter Alicia Keating.  While grocery shopping at a Walmart near Oklahoma City with her two daughters a deranged 37 year old man grabbed her two year old from her shopping cart and things went from bad to worse.

In a bizarre move, he hands the mother a cell phone to call a childhood friend who was a police officer before pulling out a knife and holding it to the young girls throat.

A brave Pastor uses his shopping cart to help corral the hostage taker.  Two things can be noted here.  His bravery for doing what he could with what he had and his stupidity for allowing his own young child to stand right there.

There is a reason why some of us train with our carry guns.  There is a reason why some of us only carry full sized, or near full sized handguns, every day.  There is a reason why we have a quality holster.  Put together, the investment made can be thousands and thousands of dollars, from the firearm to the carry gear to the training and ammunition costs.

Ask yourself, if you were in this situation, with your two yer old daughter in the arms of a madman, would you want that .38snubby or tiny .32acp and a basic NRA pistol class or would you want the best possible handgun you could have that would give you the absolute best chance of carrying the day with the best possible training you *could* have taken?  With adrenaline pumping, palms sweaty, heart racing, tunnel vision closing in, honestly, what situation would you prefer?

This unfortunate mother needed a gun in a supermarket this day.  She didn't have one, so she and her fellow shoppers waited until men (and presumably women) with guns did show up.

Recently we saw a mother in NJ home with her two children who was beaten and thrown down her basement stairs as the NannyCam caught it all. 

You need to carry or be within arms reach of your firearm at every moment of every day.  You have no idea when a deranged mad man may decide you are going to be his next victim.

Video with my commentary to the incident:

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