Sunday, July 7, 2013

Are you more likely to die at the hands of a doctor than a gun? Even in Russia? On Video?

The CDC reports that all medical related errors resulting in death topped 750,000 in 2011.  Compare that about 30,000 deaths from firearms (that number includes over 19,500 suicides) and you find you are about 2,450 times more likely to die at the hands of your Doctor than you are from a firearms related incident.

Perhaps we should license those in the medical field, give them tests from time to time to determine competency, perhaps have them registered?  Check, check and check.  It still doesn't stop all accidents, negligence or criminal behavior.  Does that mean we should stop seeking medical care?  Perhaps we should ban medicine?

Obviously banning medicine is a foolish idea.  Not only would I be out of job but the hundreds of millions of Americans positively effected by medicine obviously outweighs the bad. 

It's the same reason I oppose I virtually all gun control.  Firearms save far more lives and have a far greater positive impact on society than the miniscule amount times they are used carelessly or with malice.

So what about Doctors in Soviet Russia?

Apparently if you aren't gracious enough to your surgeon after open heart surgery you can expect a... education.  If by education you mean the surgeon hitting his restrained patient in the face and chest that is.

There are some things you just can't make up. 

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Is this the face of Doctor Death?  The patient expired within a week of being assault.

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