Sunday, July 14, 2013

Local Illinois municipalities rushing to get semi-auto bans in place before cutoff.

Local Illinois municipalities are rushing to beat the 10 day window they have to pass any new bans on semiautomatic firearms.

Under the legislation passed establishing Concealed Carry, existing bans on semi-automatic firearms, or so called "assault weapons" can stay on the books and municipalities have 10 days to pass any new bans.  After that, municipalities will no longer be allowed to enact any new semi-auto bans.

Several towns are looking to establish a ban as quickly and quietly as possible.  These meetings will likely not have much notice given and they will be voted on in a single meeting.  Residents will need to be ready to mobilize, make phone calls and show up at short notice.

The Illinois State Rifle Association has a full list of townhall meetings.

I urge any of you in Illinois to stay informed and make sure to make your voice heard at any potential meetings.

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