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Magpul participates in last minute magazine drop in CO, days before the ban takes effect.

Magpul, in keeping with it's efforts to support the freedom loving people of Colorado, participated in a massive event in which 5,000 people lined up for free or discounted magazines just 2 days before the 15 round limit kicks in.

The event had several speakers and the magazine drop featured an actual air drop courtesy of the Magpul helicopter.  Magpul dropped off several boxes of magazines as well as keynote speaker Dana Loesch, a nationally syndicated radio talk-show host based in St. Louis.

The event, aptly called "Freedom To Arms", was hosted by Free Colorado, one of the many groups working tirelessly to recall the elected representatives who voted in favor of the 15 round magazine limit set to take effect July 1st.

Speakers lambasted the legislature during the event, “I didn’t realize that you all were rolling in cash money over here in Colorado that the state Legislature could just run off perfectly good business,” Ms. Loesch said. “They are not the elite, they are the elect, and they can be unelected and recalled.”

When referencing Gov Hickenlooper, State Senator Greg Brophy received a massive response when he asked: “Did he take your call? You know whose call he took? He took a call from the mayor of New York City, I guarantee you Gov. Hickenlooper will listen to that when you bounce him out of office and bring freedom back to Colorado.”

55 of the 62 Sheriff's in CO are suing the state over the anti-freedom bills and several were on hand for this event.

“When the legislators passed these laws, I think they fully expected us to lay down, roll over and surrender — well, let me tell you, that ain’t gonna happen,” said Weld County Sheriff John Cooke. “These laws are unconstitutional. These laws are unenforceable. These laws hinder our rights. They are knee-jerk reactions. So therefore, since they’re unenforceable, I will not enforce them.”

13C will continue to keep you up to date on the situation developing in Colorado as well as the rest of the nation.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

A female perspective on carrying and encounters in public and online.

Today we welcome Jane to the 13C crew.  Today she covers a few different points and speaks to the recent outbreak of online hatred towards females who choose to defend themselves.  Jane brings some unique view points to the crew and is a medical professional and mother of three, she covers some of her other background in this blog. We are looking forward to future contributions from her.


Today I wanted to give my thoughts and opinions from a female perspective on firearms and carry. I would first like to introduce myself you to you and give some background. I will not bore you all with my life story but will give you the basics on who and I am and where I am coming from. I also would like to add I am one female and my opinions and thoughts do not represent the female population as a whole.

I grew up around firearms and I have been shooting since I was 3 years old. My father was in the Army and a Veteran of the Korean War, he taught me firearms safety and how to handle firearm. He made it very clear what a gun could do and that they were not "TOYS".
Fast forward to present day, I am now a wife and mother of 3 very beautiful daughters and I am in my early 30's. I have a life time carry license and I exercise my right to carry and protect those little girls everyday. I, along with my husband, teach them as my father taught me. I want them to be safe and knowledgeable on this subject. 

Now with that out of the way I will speak on some of my personal experiences both positive and negative. Overall they have not been entirely bad. I see comments all the time online like:  "who/why would you carry a gun to go grocery shopping?"  Well me, that's who! ... Why?  Well, because crime can happen anywhere. Muggings in parking lots, car jacking, rape. True it's not a common everyday thing at grocery stores but guess what? it still can happen. 
My mother when I was a child was a victim of such a crime in a parking lot setting. My mother had her permit and she carried; but wouldn't you know it that day she left it in her glove compartment......yes she did. :(

This was my 1st lesson in life. She was severely beaten while onlookers gawked like school children. I said I will not ever allow myself to be a victim. So I carry EVERYWHERE it's legal for me to carry and guess what, if a place has issues with me exercising my God given right to defend myself I don't patronize the establishment. I WILL not be a victim.

Occasionally I will open carry and I have been in my local grocery store (with my children in tow) and you know the comment I hear most?  "You have a gun! You have kids! Why do you have that thing around your kids!" This comment makes me laugh but I am also very happy to hear it as well. Why? Because this open the door to an opportunity to educate the uneducated. I carry partly because I have children.  I am their mother and it's my job to make sure they are safe. As a woman I know no other item that will help me do that effectively.

The other common comment I hear is; "You have a gun, are you a cop?"
Really? Really guys? So only cops and crooks should own and carry guns! (I shake my head in sadness on this) The public is in need of much education. I do get good reactions, like "You carry a gun, that's awesome!" or "what kind of gun is that?"  I get curious stares. I will say most adults don't really notice, it's their children who point it out. 

Onto the internet, recently there was a blog post that featured me outside my local Costco.  First, yes I shop there, yes I carry there and no I have never been asked to leave. That day, if and when they do, will be the day they no long have my family and I as members.

There were some very rude remarks made recently towards myself and other females on various facebook pages. It makes me wonder why there would be such hostility over such a simple photo? Those
comments don't really bother me. The key word here is REALLY. People like that have some strong issues, to have a photo dig up such raw negative emotion. I worry about these people. These are the people that need help, that need education. These are the types that try to infringe on my personal freedoms. 

These people are yet another reason why I carry. These types of people are unstable (These people shop at grocery stores too by the way). These people are everywhere. I can't rely on 911 to help me if one of these deranged people decide to pop their top. I must be ready. I must not only be ready but willing to do what needs to be done at any give moment. Let's face it, if it is the deranged guy or my little sweet baby girl I will not hesitate to defend myself and her. 

I think the average "normal" mentally stable citizens who are opposed to legal firearms are just afraid. I feel the media plays such a big part in why the average Joe hates me and my firearms. They make me, a law abiding mother and wife, look terrible. I am your daughter, I am your niece, I am you neighbor, your coworker and even the check stand girl.  I believe that if every responsible adult legally able to carry would, we could break this cycle. 

Please take your daughters, wives and  female friends to the range. Please stand up and exercise your right to carry and please pass on knowledge to any and everyone willing to listen. 

I know I was kind of all over the place but this topic is a very broad one with many things being touched on. I have many years of life stories revolving around Firearms and the Firearm community. 
Again these are my opinions and thoughts expressed, you need not agree or disagree. 

If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them at

Thank you,  Jane 

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Do you patronize anti self-defense merchants? Some food for thought.

We've all seen the "No Guns" sign.  Some times it's a gun with the famous circle and line through it,other times it words or a mixture of the two.

The question is what do you, as an advocate of self-defense, do when you see such a sign?

The first question to tackle is if the sign actually carries any weight of the law.  In Texas for example, a sign must be in compliance with the law in order to be valid.  In Texas a "51% sign", referring to the percentage of income derived from alcohol sales or a "30.06 sign" would carry the weight of the law and a person carrying there could get into trouble for violating the law.

On the other hand, in states like Indiana and Florida, "no gun" signs carry no weight of the law, unless it is already illegal to carry there anyway, such as k-12 schools or federal buildings.  Laws vary from state to state, so make sure you know your states laws.  In Indiana you can carry into a bar, regardless of what percentage of funds it derives from Alcohol.  In Florida, bars are prohibited.

Let us move onto the question at hand, assuming it is legal to ignore the sign and carry anyway, what do you do? 

Some people will automatically say "concealed means concealed" or "how will they know". Obviously that goes without saying, but it's a deeper question that that.    This line of thinking also obviously ignores laws in states where Open Carry is legal or where the carrier does not yet have a license to conceal carry (due to age restrictions or perhaps personal feelings about needing a license to exercise a Right) and must carry openly.

In any event, morally, what should you do?

First and foremost, my moral duty to protect myself and my family trumps any alleged property Rights claim by a corporation.  At the same time, there are many other factors at play, lets take a look at them.

Do you want to give money to some douchebags who hate self defense?  This is the real kicker.  Is that bulk pack of hotdogs at Big Box store #1 really any better than at Big Box Store #2?  Are the wings at the triple W as good as at the Lube?  Do you have a viable alternative?

Property Rights.  I think you'd be hard pressed to find a more ardent supporter of property Rights than myself.  Setting aside the fact I don't want to give money to someone who doesn't want me to defend myself, lets take a look at this.   Maw and Paw own something, it's pretty clear that Maw and Paw have Rights, including property Rights and full control over their property.

What about Big Box store #1?  They aren't a real person.  They are a government created entity which has incorporated to gain a myriad of protections afforded to businesses under the law.  Do fictitious entities have Rights?  Under our system of laws, it's really privileges that are extended to corporations. 

Some stores will try and claim "liability" or "insurance" reasons.  Ask yourself, would stores like Starbucks, Target, Cabelas, Gander Mountain and dozens of others have corporate policies allowing carry in their stores (where legal) if this was really a concern?

I wanted to float these thoughts out there, I don't have any hard and fast answers here and I don't want to see any new laws, but from a moral perspective, the issue of property Rights isn't so clear cut when dealing with a corporation open for business to the public... and yes, a big box retailer whose only stipulation is a fee of $55 a year for membership is considered open to the public under the law.

What's the worst that could happen if you ignore the signs?  Assuming they carry no weight of the law, the worst that can happen in most states is you would be trespassed if you were asked to leave and refused.  No issues there.  Unless....

Unless your name was Erik Scott.  Erik Scott was shot and killed by Las Vegas Metro PD in the vestibule of a Costco in front of his fiancee after he exited Costco after finishing checking out and handing his receipt to the door checker.  Erik was a West Point graduate who had a promising future with his wife to be.  He was senselessly killed for committing no crime what so ever.  A costco employee had seen his handgun when he reached up to get an item off a top shelf and called 9-1-1 to report a man with a gun.  A wrongful death suit is pending after the corners inquest found the 3 officers innocent of any wrong doing.

Ultimately it's up to you to decide if you will patronize stores that wish to deny your Right to self defense.  I say Right to self defense and not Second Amendment right for two reasons.

First, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is enumerated in the 2A, saying 2A right makes it sound like the Right originates from government.  It doesn't.  If it did, it would be called a privilege.  The other reason is because the 2A applies to government only.  It doesn't apply to private property or private individuals.

I hope this has gotten your mind thinking about how you should treat anti self-defense businesses and we would love to hear your stories and thoughts about this at:


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Sunday, June 16, 2013

This Father's Day, are you being the Father you should be?

Joe's youngest daughter in his hand.
Are you being the father you should be?

The dictionary definition of father is generic.  Entry #1- A male parent.

Are you being more than just the male parent?  A Father is many things.

He should be a provider, a protector, a disciplinarian, a friend and a solid role model among other things.  He should inspire his children to greatness.

What are you providing for your children?  Food, clothing and shelter?  What about their future?  I'm not talking about a prepaid college plan, I'm talking about the future they will have to live in.

Every compromise, every inch of Liberty you give up or fail to secure for you children, is something your children will have to fight for when they grow up.  That is assuming your children even realize what Liberty truly is.

Have you ever taken time to research what the word Liberty means, even in a simple dictionary search?
. freedom from arbitrary or despotic government or control.
2. freedom from external or foreign rule; independence.
3. freedom from control, interference, obligation, restriction, hampering conditions, etc.; power or right of doing, thinking, speaking, etc., according to choice.

Teach your children what Liberty and Freedom actually are.  Not some catchy phrase uttered by the masses on Independence Day as they wander in search of $1 packs of hotdogs.  Go back reread #3 from the definition above.  Freedom from control, interference, obligation, restriction, hampering conditions.... Right now, can you honestly say you live in such a country that will allow your children to grow up free from those things?

Liberty is, or should be, the birth Right of my children.  How can they know, I mean actually KNOW if they even have it, if they aren't taught what true Liberty is. 

What it means to actually be free.  Free from oppression, tyranny, a government that steals the fruits of their labor and monitors their lives every time they utilize modern technology.

Be their protector.  Acquire the means and the ABILITY to actually be able to protect and defend your children.  Train, train and train.  That trusty snub nosed .38spl in your pocket and the Nikes on your feet may have been adequate when you were a 21 year old bachelor with no responsibilities.  As a Father with a significant other and children, if you are still relying on the Nike defense, you are a worthless sack of **** and your family deserves better.  Upgrades aren't just for cellphones.

Joe with his first born.
As a protector, you can't always be there for them.  You may leave for work, they'll need their independence as they grow up and you will grow old and die eventually.  Teach them and train them to be independent, to be able to protect and provide for themselves.  Do the same for your wife.

Instill good shooting skills as early as you can. As they age, instead of sending them off to some random summer camp, take them to pistol and carbine classes.  Train them to fight for themselves and to be able to fight for their children one day.  My readers know a firearm isn't a magical talisman that wards off evil by itself and that confidence comes from skill at arms. 

Do everything you can to assure they can claim their birth Rights.

Today, on Father's Day, make a promise to yourself and to your children to be a Father.

Visit to share with us what you do to teach, train and inspire your children.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Thompson Center issues MAJOR recall of rifles.

Thompson / Center has issued a major recall of several of it's rifles:

From their notice:

“STOP USING YOUR RIFLE AND RETURN IT TO THOMPSON/CENTER AT ONCE.  This recall applies to all ICON, VENTURE and DIMENSION rifles manufactured before June 13, 2013." 

The issue appears to be related to the safety.  When the safety is on and the bolt is cycled, the safety can disengage.  This issue alone will not cause the rifle to fire, the trigger will still have to be pulled.

If you have one of the affected rifles, you can CONTACT TCARMS HERE.  TC will be covering shipping each way with a pre paid label.

Moving forward, TC will marking rifles so you can look and know which rifles have been serviced.  Look for a small mark on the safety.  They will also be placing a "red star" on any returned or new boxes.

Please share this with every one you know who may own one of these rifles.

We'll keep you informed of any updates here on the blog and also at

The following is a list of affected models:

Icon Venture Dimension
Icon Classic Venture Predator  
Icon Weather Shield Venture Infinity  
Icon Precision Hunter Venture Dream Season  
Icon Warlord Venture Weather Shield  
Icon Field Venture Compact  

Please reference the recall for more information.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Americans are carrying than ever before.

As violent crime rates continue to fall more Americans are, at the same time, carrying firearms for self defense than ever before.

Case in point: Indiana.  Indiana has seen license application times skyrocket to nearly 18 weeks for paper applications since last year.  Contrast that to my application (many, many moons ago) that landed a license to carry a handgun (LTCH) in my mail box approximately 2 weeks after I mailed it in.  Earlier last year license times were 6-8 weeks.

In States across the country similar stories are playing out, from Pennsylvania to Florida, more Americans are exercising their Right to self defense outside of the home.

Continuing to focus on Indiana, from Fourth Quarter 2012 to First Quarter 2013, Indiana saw an increase in LTCH holders of 17,250.  Bringing Indiana's total to 466,275 as of March 31, 2013. That's a significant portion of Hoosiers who may be out and about ready to defend themselves at any given time. According to the 2012 Census Indiana has a population of 6.5 million people.

Indiana is one of several states that extend the Right (read privilege if you need a license) of self defense to those 18 years of age.  The 2012 Census indicates that 25% of Hoosiers are under the age of 18 which means of the potentially eligible persons, nearly one in ten now have a LTCH and that number is growing... rapidly.

Over the past few years other States, like Wyoming and Arizona have completely eliminated the draconian laws that require people to pay extortion fees to the State just to be able to legally defend themselves.  This awesome and Constitutionally permissible tend has been aptly dubbed " Constitutional Carry".

Remember that documents like the Constitution it's Bill of Rights enumerate Rights.  They don't grant them and they certainly don't require us to seek permission to exercise those Rights.

The last hold out, Illinois, will have some sort of carry law this year.  As I type, the ban on carry has been struck down as unconstitutional but oddly enough had a 6 month stay and then an additional 1 month stay on actually striking the ban down.  I would posit if something is unconstitutional today, it shouldn't be allowed to continue for political expediency for a single day, let alone 7 months.

Contrary to what those who hate self defense say, more Americans want to defend themselves and more are taking steps to do that.

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The great American summer camping trip. It's easier than you think.

Many of us have found memories of camping with our families as a child.  Hiking, stories around the fire with roasted marshmallows and maybe smores if we were lucky.

As we get older, we tend to forget about the little things and simplicity of  simply being outdoors, even if it is at a State Park.  Those of us who love the outdoors some times forget that "base" that got us into the outdoors.

Just because we can't exactly go ultralight backpacking on a 3 day excursion into the back country with our family, be it because of a spouse who doesn't camp or children simply too small, chances are our first experience was at State or National park camp ground and THAT is what sparked our interest in the "woods".  Especially for someone like me who grew up in the suburbs.

Our first camping trip this year was to Chain 'O Lakes State Park near Albion, IN.  The main feature of the park are the lakes, as the name implies.  The State DNR created channels that allow you to paddle a canoe or kayak between each of the seven lakes.  We spent one day on these lakes, enjoying the different foliage and fauna of the area.  This was my youngest daughters first experience on a canoe and it was a "really cool" experience.

The park also offers numerous hiking trails and a nature center.  Hiking trails vary in intensity and are laid out well so you can pick and choose your way around.  This is especially helpful if after an hour or two of hiking those little legs of your youngest start to wear out and you want to cut your hike a bit shorter but not have to back track.  Many parks have similar layouts.

Cooking over a wood fire.  You just can't beat it.  I saw a few other campers with charcoal but why?  You're going to have a camp fire that night anyway, why not just start it a little earlier?  Grass fed beef was on the menu this night.

As night falls the stars appear overhear, I am still in awe of the beauty of the night sky and kids love to gaze up into the heavens at things they don't normally get to see.  Living close to large cities, light pollution hides most of the stars in the night sky from our view when we are at home.  One day I hope to move further out from cities and live in the 'middle of no where'.  Until I can find a job that will allow me to do so, we're stuck with only seeing a few dozen stars at night, compared to the thousands we saw while camping.

Camping doesn't have to be hard or expensive.  For example, sites at Chain 'O Lakes range from the teens to mid twenties a night, depending on if you opt for a primitive site or one with a small electric box.  Skip the cheap camp cookware sets at wallyworld and buy one decent cast iron skillet.  Preferably something that will pull double or triple duty like a 16" deep skillet.  Once you start cooking with one, you might find you use it at home more than your modern cookware.  They will also last your family for generations if properly cared for.
Great Basin (left), Coleman 10 person, Screenhouse for dog crate (right).

Tents are the hard part.  You can go cheap, middle of the line or very high end.  I have one tent I bought back in 2000 that my daughters used for this trip.  It's a Great Basin locker dome and has held up amazingly, I think I paid $100 for it.  I have used multiple times a year since I got it.  I haven't bought a bigger tent that is 'high quality' yet.  My higher quality camping gear is still centered around camping light or single person.

The newest addition was a tent big enough for all of us.  I took a gamble on a Coleman 10 person tent from a big box wholesale store because of the stores no hassle return policy.  Also because my wife was basically about to refuse to camp with me again without a full on air mattress and tent big enough to stand up in.  Hey, it's about getting outdoors and giving my children a fun camping experience.  If that means a bigger tent and air mattress, so be it.  *For the record, my 2" self inflating REI mat is still more comfortable than an air mattress.

When forking over money for a tent, keep in mind "What would I be paying if I was in a hotel".  All of a sudden dropping a few bills on a tent that you can reuse (with care) for many years to come doesn't seem so pricey after all.  Also keep in mind you can bring your dog at most campsites and there isn't an upcharge. 

The important thing is to GET OUT THERE!  Get your kids into the 'wilderness' anyway you can.  Get that love of the outdoors in their blood early.  Many State Parks have shooting and archery ranges nearby  as well.  Make it as fun as possible and build those memories that will last a lifetime.  Just because you can't make it Yellow Stone National Park this year, doesn't mean a fun 3 day weekend isn't within your grasp.

Get out there and remember, sometimes you just have to say: Frack it, we'll do it live!
Did someone say Clampets?

Join us at and as we continue the adventures.

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