Wednesday, July 10, 2013

ISRA files motion to allow carry by July 16th.

The Illinois State Rifle Association believes the State of Illinois is still in violation of a previous Seventh Circuit Court ruling that struck down the ban on Concealed Carry. It could take until mid March of 2014 before the first licenses are actually issued and the ISRA isn't pleased with Illinois stall tactics.

The ISRA has filed a motion to allow concealed carry in Illinois, under the provisions of the law just passed but without a license because citizens Constitutional Rights are still being denied.  The motion asks the District Court to allow carry by July 16th.

In part the ISRA filing states: "Plaintiffs are not asking for an unfettered right to carry firearms in public".  They go on to claim to want carry in accordance of the law recently passed.

Richard Patterson went on to say: "...people are still not allowed the right to carry and won't be for at least another 270 days. In short, our civil rights are still being violated even though the concealed carry bill has passed. Furthermore,  because neither the federal court decision nor the new Carry Act have repealed the AUUW and UUW statutes, law enforcement will continue to enforce both statutes unless a citizen has a valid carry license.  We have asked for immediate relief by Tuesday, July 16, 2013.  We are asking that citizens with FOID cards be allowed to carry in compliance with provisions in HB0183."

We'll keep you up to date as this continues to develop.

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