Tuesday, July 2, 2013

IL: Gov Quinn uses Amendatory Veto power to further restrict lawful carry.

Governor Quinn has used his Amendatory Veto power to add even more insane restrictions onto those who would choose to defend themselves from violent criminals.

Under these new provisions you couldn't carry into any establishment that served alcohol.  Not even if you didn't have a sip of alcohol or even enter the bar portion of the establishment.  This would make virtually every table service restaurant in the state a no-carry zone.

Even more idiotic is a restriction that would only allow person to carry one firearm with one magazine, not to exceed 10 rounds. 

It would also make the default status for a business be a non carry area unless they specifically posted signage allowing concealed carry.

It also amends the language of "mostly concealed" to "Completely concealed".  Anyone who lived in a state (like Florida was a few year ago) where it must be 100% concealed knows how insane that is and how difficult it can be to be not show .1% of your firearm when you reach a top shelf in a grocery store or bend over to pick up your child and they accidentally lift your shirt.

The House and Senate can accept the Amendatory Veto with a simple majority or they can over ride it.  The bill passed with enough support that, should the votes not change, the original bill will be passed without these new draconian laws.

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