Sunday, June 30, 2013

Magpul participates in last minute magazine drop in CO, days before the ban takes effect.

Magpul, in keeping with it's efforts to support the freedom loving people of Colorado, participated in a massive event in which 5,000 people lined up for free or discounted magazines just 2 days before the 15 round limit kicks in.

The event had several speakers and the magazine drop featured an actual air drop courtesy of the Magpul helicopter.  Magpul dropped off several boxes of magazines as well as keynote speaker Dana Loesch, a nationally syndicated radio talk-show host based in St. Louis.

The event, aptly called "Freedom To Arms", was hosted by Free Colorado, one of the many groups working tirelessly to recall the elected representatives who voted in favor of the 15 round magazine limit set to take effect July 1st.

Speakers lambasted the legislature during the event, “I didn’t realize that you all were rolling in cash money over here in Colorado that the state Legislature could just run off perfectly good business,” Ms. Loesch said. “They are not the elite, they are the elect, and they can be unelected and recalled.”

When referencing Gov Hickenlooper, State Senator Greg Brophy received a massive response when he asked: “Did he take your call? You know whose call he took? He took a call from the mayor of New York City, I guarantee you Gov. Hickenlooper will listen to that when you bounce him out of office and bring freedom back to Colorado.”

55 of the 62 Sheriff's in CO are suing the state over the anti-freedom bills and several were on hand for this event.

“When the legislators passed these laws, I think they fully expected us to lay down, roll over and surrender — well, let me tell you, that ain’t gonna happen,” said Weld County Sheriff John Cooke. “These laws are unconstitutional. These laws are unenforceable. These laws hinder our rights. They are knee-jerk reactions. So therefore, since they’re unenforceable, I will not enforce them.”

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