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A female perspective on carrying and encounters in public and online.

Today we welcome Jane to the 13C crew.  Today she covers a few different points and speaks to the recent outbreak of online hatred towards females who choose to defend themselves.  Jane brings some unique view points to the crew and is a medical professional and mother of three, she covers some of her other background in this blog. We are looking forward to future contributions from her.


Today I wanted to give my thoughts and opinions from a female perspective on firearms and carry. I would first like to introduce myself you to you and give some background. I will not bore you all with my life story but will give you the basics on who and I am and where I am coming from. I also would like to add I am one female and my opinions and thoughts do not represent the female population as a whole.

I grew up around firearms and I have been shooting since I was 3 years old. My father was in the Army and a Veteran of the Korean War, he taught me firearms safety and how to handle firearm. He made it very clear what a gun could do and that they were not "TOYS".
Fast forward to present day, I am now a wife and mother of 3 very beautiful daughters and I am in my early 30's. I have a life time carry license and I exercise my right to carry and protect those little girls everyday. I, along with my husband, teach them as my father taught me. I want them to be safe and knowledgeable on this subject. 

Now with that out of the way I will speak on some of my personal experiences both positive and negative. Overall they have not been entirely bad. I see comments all the time online like:  "who/why would you carry a gun to go grocery shopping?"  Well me, that's who! ... Why?  Well, because crime can happen anywhere. Muggings in parking lots, car jacking, rape. True it's not a common everyday thing at grocery stores but guess what? it still can happen. 
My mother when I was a child was a victim of such a crime in a parking lot setting. My mother had her permit and she carried; but wouldn't you know it that day she left it in her glove compartment......yes she did. :(

This was my 1st lesson in life. She was severely beaten while onlookers gawked like school children. I said I will not ever allow myself to be a victim. So I carry EVERYWHERE it's legal for me to carry and guess what, if a place has issues with me exercising my God given right to defend myself I don't patronize the establishment. I WILL not be a victim.

Occasionally I will open carry and I have been in my local grocery store (with my children in tow) and you know the comment I hear most?  "You have a gun! You have kids! Why do you have that thing around your kids!" This comment makes me laugh but I am also very happy to hear it as well. Why? Because this open the door to an opportunity to educate the uneducated. I carry partly because I have children.  I am their mother and it's my job to make sure they are safe. As a woman I know no other item that will help me do that effectively.

The other common comment I hear is; "You have a gun, are you a cop?"
Really? Really guys? So only cops and crooks should own and carry guns! (I shake my head in sadness on this) The public is in need of much education. I do get good reactions, like "You carry a gun, that's awesome!" or "what kind of gun is that?"  I get curious stares. I will say most adults don't really notice, it's their children who point it out. 

Onto the internet, recently there was a blog post that featured me outside my local Costco.  First, yes I shop there, yes I carry there and no I have never been asked to leave. That day, if and when they do, will be the day they no long have my family and I as members.

There were some very rude remarks made recently towards myself and other females on various facebook pages. It makes me wonder why there would be such hostility over such a simple photo? Those
comments don't really bother me. The key word here is REALLY. People like that have some strong issues, to have a photo dig up such raw negative emotion. I worry about these people. These are the people that need help, that need education. These are the types that try to infringe on my personal freedoms. 

These people are yet another reason why I carry. These types of people are unstable (These people shop at grocery stores too by the way). These people are everywhere. I can't rely on 911 to help me if one of these deranged people decide to pop their top. I must be ready. I must not only be ready but willing to do what needs to be done at any give moment. Let's face it, if it is the deranged guy or my little sweet baby girl I will not hesitate to defend myself and her. 

I think the average "normal" mentally stable citizens who are opposed to legal firearms are just afraid. I feel the media plays such a big part in why the average Joe hates me and my firearms. They make me, a law abiding mother and wife, look terrible. I am your daughter, I am your niece, I am you neighbor, your coworker and even the check stand girl.  I believe that if every responsible adult legally able to carry would, we could break this cycle. 

Please take your daughters, wives and  female friends to the range. Please stand up and exercise your right to carry and please pass on knowledge to any and everyone willing to listen. 

I know I was kind of all over the place but this topic is a very broad one with many things being touched on. I have many years of life stories revolving around Firearms and the Firearm community. 
Again these are my opinions and thoughts expressed, you need not agree or disagree. 

If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them at

Thank you,  Jane 

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  1. Excellent article. A wonderful resource for ladies is Kathy Jackson's "corneredcat" website.

    Cheers from THR!

  2. Absolutely fantastic.

    You've pretty much summed it up- there isn't much left to say !

    Kudos, and welcome to the team.

  3. This is a very good article. Thank you so much for your articulate words and thoughts. I think it's a very scary world and there have always been and will always be people with not the noblest of intentions. Even though I'd like to believe otherwise, there are many people out there who would cause you or your loved ones harm with no provocation. It is so much smarter to be educated and prepared for something to happen than to not be prepared and have a tragedy. Thanks again.

  4. Fantastic article! Women who carry break down barriers and shred false stereotypes that men never could.

  5. Glad to hear it Jane! Keep it up. My wife shoots, has her own pistol and rifle. She's a fair shot. We go out shooting from time to time. However, I am the only one who carries. Yes, many folks are shocked with open carry. Truth is I don't want the paranoid majority who think that the police can protect them (when seconds count, the police are minutes away) to know that I cam carrying. It is my call and my responsibility when or if I feel I need to draw that sidearm. I prefer to leave it that way. Of course, I also carry a proper range bag in my pickup with all the medical gear to aid a victim of violence as well. Take Care!

  6. Excellent, and good on ya. Would that I could convince my wife to carry. A law abiding woman with a CHL or open carrying is a very good thing, and something to be encouraged. In my eyes, strong men are attracted to strong women, women who are strong mentally, and physically. Because a weak partner will let you down when the going gets rough. Don't worry about the naysayers, or the ones who criticize, keep on carrying, and know that millions like myself are proud of you, and support you.

  7. Society likes their women to be guppies that eat their young not mama bears that destroy their threats.