Friday, May 17, 2013

A historic day. 54 Sheriffs join suit against Colorado's new anti-gun laws.


Today 54 of the 62 Sheriffs in addition to other self defense advocates and companies in Colorado filed a lawsuit against against House Bill 1224 and 1229.  At deceitful 'public' hearings most of these Sheriffs were denied the right to speak against the bills, only a couple of the dozens of Sheriffs who attended were allow to speak. Anti self defense zealots refused to allow the truth to be heard.

Backlash in Colorado against these two bills is reaching a crescendo.  Firearms and accessory manufactures are vacating the state in earnest.  One of the biggest names being Magpul who specifically cited Bill 1224 which bans magazines over 15 rounds in capacity.

Progun and hunting groups are cancelling shoots and hunts previously scheduled in the state, not just over the magazine ban but also 1229 which would ban sales and temporary transfers of firearms.  One recent example was a solider deploying to Afghanistan for 3 months and planning on leaving his handgun with his fiancee who he shares a home with.  The young serviceman would be committing a crime in doing so.

Sheriff Maketa, one of the Colorado Sheriffs filing suit, is true American and obviously takes his Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution seriously.

After the filing this morning there was a press conference where Sheriff Maketa had this to say::  "We each took an oath, the line in the sand has been drawn, and we will stand united!"

I urge all of you in Colorado to stand with these Sheriffs and the other self defense advocates.  

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*Update 5/18/2013 another Colorado Sheriff has joined bringing the total to 55.


  1. Don't forget there are recall efforts currently underway against the Colorado State representatives who started the gun-control bills. So far, the petitions are on track in gathering the needed 25% of voter signatures.

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