Friday, June 14, 2013

Thompson Center issues MAJOR recall of rifles.

Thompson / Center has issued a major recall of several of it's rifles:

From their notice:

“STOP USING YOUR RIFLE AND RETURN IT TO THOMPSON/CENTER AT ONCE.  This recall applies to all ICON, VENTURE and DIMENSION rifles manufactured before June 13, 2013." 

The issue appears to be related to the safety.  When the safety is on and the bolt is cycled, the safety can disengage.  This issue alone will not cause the rifle to fire, the trigger will still have to be pulled.

If you have one of the affected rifles, you can CONTACT TCARMS HERE.  TC will be covering shipping each way with a pre paid label.

Moving forward, TC will marking rifles so you can look and know which rifles have been serviced.  Look for a small mark on the safety.  They will also be placing a "red star" on any returned or new boxes.

Please share this with every one you know who may own one of these rifles.

We'll keep you informed of any updates here on the blog and also at

The following is a list of affected models:

Icon Venture Dimension
Icon Classic Venture Predator  
Icon Weather Shield Venture Infinity  
Icon Precision Hunter Venture Dream Season  
Icon Warlord Venture Weather Shield  
Icon Field Venture Compact  

Please reference the recall for more information.

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  1. "Safeties aren't safe".

    This sucks for TC but it sure does emphasize the not relying on your safety message.