Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Americans are carrying than ever before.

As violent crime rates continue to fall more Americans are, at the same time, carrying firearms for self defense than ever before.

Case in point: Indiana.  Indiana has seen license application times skyrocket to nearly 18 weeks for paper applications since last year.  Contrast that to my application (many, many moons ago) that landed a license to carry a handgun (LTCH) in my mail box approximately 2 weeks after I mailed it in.  Earlier last year license times were 6-8 weeks.

In States across the country similar stories are playing out, from Pennsylvania to Florida, more Americans are exercising their Right to self defense outside of the home.

Continuing to focus on Indiana, from Fourth Quarter 2012 to First Quarter 2013, Indiana saw an increase in LTCH holders of 17,250.  Bringing Indiana's total to 466,275 as of March 31, 2013. That's a significant portion of Hoosiers who may be out and about ready to defend themselves at any given time. According to the 2012 Census Indiana has a population of 6.5 million people.

Indiana is one of several states that extend the Right (read privilege if you need a license) of self defense to those 18 years of age.  The 2012 Census indicates that 25% of Hoosiers are under the age of 18 which means of the potentially eligible persons, nearly one in ten now have a LTCH and that number is growing... rapidly.

Over the past few years other States, like Wyoming and Arizona have completely eliminated the draconian laws that require people to pay extortion fees to the State just to be able to legally defend themselves.  This awesome and Constitutionally permissible tend has been aptly dubbed " Constitutional Carry".

Remember that documents like the Constitution it's Bill of Rights enumerate Rights.  They don't grant them and they certainly don't require us to seek permission to exercise those Rights.

The last hold out, Illinois, will have some sort of carry law this year.  As I type, the ban on carry has been struck down as unconstitutional but oddly enough had a 6 month stay and then an additional 1 month stay on actually striking the ban down.  I would posit if something is unconstitutional today, it shouldn't be allowed to continue for political expediency for a single day, let alone 7 months.

Contrary to what those who hate self defense say, more Americans want to defend themselves and more are taking steps to do that.

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