Friday, May 31, 2013

Illinois passes veto proof concealed carry bill.

Friday May 31st marks the day that the last of the 50 States enacted a concealed carry law.

The Bill HB 183 sets up some onerous training requirements and asks for $150 from residents and $300 from non residents if they wish to defend themselves.

There doesn't appear to be any reciprocity in the bill but transporting a handgun in a car, by non residents, will now be protected if they are legal to carry in their home state.  The jury is still out on the language over loaded vs unloaded transport.  The language about leaving it locked in the car if you exit tends to lend itself to loaded, where as the "transport" usually indicates unloaded.  The controlling terminology will define it transport actually means transport.

This bill will need to be combed over with a fine tooth comb.  There are many, many places off limits.

This is a horrible bill by any standard outside of Illinois.  For Illinois, it's an accomplishment.

You all know where I stand.  The Right to self defense should never require a fee, permit or license.

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