Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Why you, as a firearms owner, should oppose the Internet Tax Mandate.

Why you, as a firearms owner, should oppose the Internet Tax Mandate.

Some of you may be wondering why am I blogging about the misnamed "Market Place Fairness Act" on a predominately RKBA blog... for some of the same reasons I oppose universal registration schemes.  Privacy.

"Whatever the question, Liberty is the answer".  I heard a gentleman named Dave Champion say this a few years ago and I was blown away by it's simplicity and how true it was.  I've tried to look at any topic that comes up and first and foremost apply that litmus test. 

I could speak about how the tax mandate would strip an estimated 12 billion dollars from the US Economy.  I could speak about the insane demands the mandate would upon small businesses being forced to comply with 9,600+ different tax jurisdictions and being subject to thousands of possible audits every year because of it.  I could speak of the increased costs of compliance being passed onto the consumer.  Then there is that whole pesky Constitution and Article One to contend with.

Instead I'll just focus on privacy and tracking.  In order to actually comply with a internet sales tax mandate there is going to have to be tracking.  Huge databases filled with your information... all of your information. 

These databases will be treasure troves of information not just for hackers and identify thieves but for meddling state and federal agencies that continually overstep their authority and under various new laws stemming from "terrorism concerns".

To Agent Busybody bucking for a promotion it won't matter you dropped a couple thousand dollars on ammo at Bobs-Discount-Ammo-Barn for a upcoming 3 day training class.  All he might see is some guy just bought 3,000 rounds of ammo, a new "Assault" chest rig, a dozen 30 round PMAGs and lives 3 blocks from a elementary school.  "Corner office here I come!"

On a serious note, this will have a devastating effect on our economy and our privacy.  The next logical step will be allowing States to enforce their laws out of state.  For example gambling in Vegas when gambling is illegal in your home state.  A stretch?  Perhaps, but certainly the precedence is set that a state would have jurisdiction outside of it borders.

The concept is patently absurd, yet there it is.  All of you in California who own "assault weapons" but store them over the state line?  Not if you have California residency.  Again absurd but that's the precedence being set. 

That is where Liberty comes into play.  How does this new law, the bureaucracies it will create and the precedence it will set comport itself to Liberty? The answer is painfully obvious.  It doesn't.

From Senators at the forefront of defending our Rights such as Rand Paul and Ted Cruz to groups like the CATO institute, we are all in agreement, this tax mandate must be stopped.

I'll keep all of you up to date on what is transpiring not just on this issue but anything that threatens our Liberty, Freedom and our Right to self defense.  Please share this with your friends and lets work together to stop this.

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You can contact your Congressmen at 202-224-3121

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