Saturday, May 4, 2013

Gun Buybacks: turning the ridiculous into something more tolerable.

Gun Buybacks: turning the ridiculous into something more tolerable. 

"Gun Buy Back"  It's a ridiculous assertion, that a person or entity that never had something could "buy it back".  So why do they use that term?

It's a form of suggestion or physiological warfare... Brain washing if you will.  By using the term 'buy back' it implies that the person, or in this case the government had the guns to begin with.  That they are somehow the legitimate owners.

As despicable as the gun back is, Arizona is moving in the right direction. 

Governor Brewer has signed a law requiring any municipal run gun buy backs to resell those firearms.  Setting aside my disdain for the gun buyback scheme, this is a great step forward.  If for no other reason than the cost savings to tax payers.  Being able to recoup some or possible all of the costs is great at a time when governments need to be spending less and lowering taxes.

The biggest reason I am in favor of this law is because of the message it sends :These aren't our guns and by sending them back into the community we acknowledge that guns are inanimate objects and safe.

Time will tell what impact this will have on anti-gun gun buybacks and if they even continue them anymore. 

-Joe aka Prometheus
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