Wednesday, May 29, 2013

California Senate passes bills for bans on most semi-auto rifles, magazines, ammo registries, guns that don't exist and more.

The California Senate, with blatant disregard for their oaths of office, passed a number of anti-self defense

SB396: The mag ban to end all mag bans.  Retroactive ban on all magazines over 10 rounds.  Regardless of production date or when they were acquired.  As a famous CA Senator once said "Mr and Mrs America, turn them in".

SB53: This gem requires a background check and defacto ammunition purchase registry in order to buy a single round of ammunition.  Other onerous requirements are placed upon sellers of ammunition, including sending ALL sales records to CA Dept of Justice.  If that wasn't bad enough, all sales must be face to face.  No more internet sales.

SB47: This bill turns virtually every single semiautomatic rifle in the state of California into a 'assault weapon'.  The expanded definitions close so called 'loopholes' such as "bullet buttons" "maglock firearms".  Registration would be mandatory and once registered they would be nontransferable, including to heirs.  Upon death, they would have to be surrendered to the state.  If you live in California, you need to read the bill and realize just how draconian this will be if it passes the house and gets signed off on by the governor.

SB108: A locked door isn't going to be enough in CA anymore.  If you don't lock up your firearms when you leave the house, you'll wind up in prison.

SB293: Calling Space Gordon... should anyone ever invent a "owner authorized" handgun, it would be illegal to sell a handgun in California that didn't contain such a 'safety' mechanism  18 months afterwards.  No exemptions for spouses... although law enforcement would be exempt from this requirement.

Other bills include: SB299: Lose or have a gun stolen and didn't report it?  Guess who is the criminal now?  SB363: Live with someone 'prohibited'?  No self defense for you!

These are extremely egregious bills. If you live in California, I urge you to contact your representatives in the house: Contact CA Legislators.

13C will continue to keep you up to date on this and other legislation from across the country at:

Good luck California.

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  1. Will the last person to leave California please turn out the lights?

  2. How can this supersede the Constitution? And I'm sure all the bad guys are thrilled.

  3. Dalt, you beat me to it! :<)

    To the non-welfare sucking, family raising, church attending, job holding useful citizen in the People's Republic of California, come on down to Texas!

  4. Everything in this bill doesnt stop me from going and buying a gun off the guy selling them out of his trunk on the corner

  5. Unfortunately I live in California. I grew up in Texas and recently visited and wanted to stay. This state sucks, it's politicians suck and the taxes are absurd and all they do is ask for more and give more to illegal aliens and their kin. Feinstein, Boxer, Brown are all jokes. These California representatives should realize the a private citizen has an unfettered right to own a gun and the government not know they have a gun. The tyrant Obama and his crowd want to micro manage the people thinking they can't manage themselves.