Monday, May 13, 2013

Targeting those who wish to be free. It's time to have an honest discussion about the things that destroy us all.


I think it's long overdue to have an honest discussion about the things that are destroying Life, Liberty and Property.  One of those things is the IRS.  Over the past few days it's come to light that the IRS has targeted "Conservative groups"   with heightened scrutiny and audits.

Why is anyone surprised?  Nixon directed the IRS to target Liberal groups, Clinton allegedly had his political enemies targeted.   Numerous other administrations have had similar allegations.  So again I ask, why so shocked?  Regardless of political affiliation, this is an issue that has affected every political persuasion since it's inception.

Most people don't realize it but 2013 is the 100th anniversary of the IRS.  Yep, the IRS and Personal Federal Income Tax are 100 years old.  That's it.

Prior to 1913 the United States fought and won over half a dozen wars, successfully fought off fanatical and radical Muslim pirates, we had roads, an Army, Navy and Marine Corps, colleges, public schools...  in fact our schools were ranked #1 in the world.   We friggin rocked!

Since 1913 what did we gain?  ObamaPhones, a school system that doesn't even rank in the top 25 worldwide and about 14 trillion dollars in debt.  That sort of goes back to the fact America doesn't have a income problem, we have a spending problem.  That's another topic however.

Let's set aside the fact that a progressive income tax is a Plank of the Communist Manifesto for a moment.  The IRS is a rouge agency, it operates in a sort of extra Constitutional type of authority.  The ways it can come into a persons or businesses life and violate their Rights is insane.  Think about it, they can steal all of your financial documents without a court order (4A violation), they force you to testify against yourself (5A violation), they steal money from your accounts, money that you need to properly defend yourself against them.  I use the word "steal" not by accident, but because the IRS doesn't always seek warrants.  The paperwork they use is not always signed by a judge but rather by a supervisor.

In my opinion there is no way to fix something so horribly broken and unquestionably antithetical to a Constitutional Republic.  As long as the federal government has an attack dog like the IRS and personal income taxes, let alone an unlimited reach into the citizens pocketbooks and bank accounts, we will never have the limited government the founders intended.

The United States became number one in the world without a IRS or personal federal income tax.  I say it's time to repeal them both and get back on the path or personal individual Liberty and Freedom.

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Ps:  Thanks for bearing with a few of the non-gun related blogs.  I've felt compelled to write about some of the insane things happening lately.  While I think the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is the most important and fundamental Right, I believe in all of our Rights and I defend all of them.

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